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I am often asked to articulate some problems that people can start working on immediately and get some real world industry experience in artificial intelligence. The hard part for these situations is that the problem or a part of it should be meaningful to people with every level of technological…

Deterministic Behavior of Software has Come into Focus with AI.

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Ada Lovelace spent more than a year thinking about the world’s first program. She published it in 1843. Since then, there have been many definitions of software and many characteristics that industry has generally accepted for good software — it should complete a specific task, it should not be fallible…

Income inequality is going to be only one part of it.

This is not a political writeup, but an enumeration of the factors that may entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals may find useful as they think about the next decade.

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Joe Biden will take over as the President of United States in 2021 after 80 million people voted for him. This is…

Praful Krishna

AI, Product, Strategy, Digital Transformation

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